• Aggressively price driven jewellery due to low over heads, economies off scale and strong vendor relations.
  • Extensive experience in identifying current fashion trends and jewellery designing.
  • In depth experience in servicing the domestic Indian market.
  • We actively engage in comp. tours at our individual level.
  • An inventory of close to 2500 designs across all categories.
  • Work on a reverse costing method to ensure customer's margins are honored
  • Willingness to develop copyrighted / patented jewellery concepts.
  • Experience in working with retailers through our distributors and wholesalers.


We are dedicated to bringing complete satisfaction to our clients and value to our partners, associates and employees by delivering on our promise of maintaining the highest standards of quality at the most economical costs. We strive to deliver a world class product at the lowest available price, in our pursuit of growing our markets.

Our Customers

It has been imbibed into us that, if we do not look after our customers, somebody else will. It is this principle that pushes us to take that extra step to leave no stone unturned and it is this principle that has distinguished us from our competition. Our clients range from the world's most prestigious brands to small speciality jewellery houses. We supply to leading jewellery manufacturers, distributors and retailers in every part of the world with a comprehensive range of diamond studded jewellery. All our clients have access to dedicated service teams led by a direct personal contact. Our successful client relationships are based on Tiger Jewellery insight into specific needs and priorities of each.


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Souq Al Najada Gold Souq, Shop Number 24, Doha - Qatar

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+974 3360 3113

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