Our Mission

The mission of Ghaith Trading & Contracting.co is to guide employees and employers for achieving success in life. Moving to be on the heights of counseling in the countries where we operate. Focusing on gaining more unpredictable attractions of expectations of the multiple clients, offering them an ample assortment of human resources to be most reliable HR partner It puts it's endeavor in producing dedicated professionals with appropriate knowledge and Skills for our industries and society in large.

Our Vision

To be a respectable and reliable organization to manage high skilled manpower to contractors delivering beyond expectation always. Operational efficiency is created by the effective utilization of resource to achieve the best possible operation results, we provide manpower plans definitely numbers of people, their skills and their effective allocation. So our motto is "right person in the right place".

Our Services

Our wide range of services include Gypsum Board / Drywall Installation, Epoxy Application, Painting, Waterproofing & Dampproofing, Bituminous & related products, Plastering, Block works & Foam works

Gypsum Board / Drywall Installation

Due to its inherent fire resistance, gypsum board, commonly known as drywall is the premier building material for wall, ceiling, and partition systems in residential, institutional, and commercial structures. Designed to provide a monolithic surface when joints and fastener heads are covered with a joint treatment system, gypsum products also provide sound control, economy, versatility, quality, and convenience.

Epoxy Application

Epoxy Floor Coatings Resins are used for high performance and decorative flooring, such as terrazzo flooring, chip flooring, and colored aggregate flooring. These types of flooring are available in a wide range of colors and decorative patterns that are created by adding contrasting vinyl chips or colored quartz aggregate to the top epoxy layer. Epoxy flooring can also be augmented with paint chips, or other additives like polymer grit, that provide an anti-skid texture to a floor.

Waterproofing & Dampproofing

Waterproofing is a method which prevents water from penetrating your house.Waterproofing is very important as it helps keep your house dry. It helps reduce humidity inside the house and thereby protects things inside your house from damage caused due to humidity or water exposure. It is also important for the veracity of the building.


Plastering systems produce a finish to walls and ceilings prior to decoration. White Chapel Art Plaster are familiar with all traditional and contemporary plastering and rendering materials and application techniques.The vast range of contemporary products available can enhance the finish and improve the performance of a building; modern boarding and barrier systems systems can be used to sound proof, fire proof, waterproof and insulate.

Block works & Foam works

Masonry is the process of building structures from small, individual units, usually bonded together by mortar. The units can be of brick, stone, clay, concrete, granite, limestone, cast stone and much more. These small units, of which brick and block are the commonest in Ireland, are used to create the internal and external walls of buildings. The units when bonded together can be either load-bearing or used to make a visually pleasing veneer.

Concrete blocks, and indeed all masonry, offer great strength in compression but much less in tension. This means that large areas of flat walls may need reinforcing to withstand high wind loads or earth movement. This reinforcing can be done by inserting vertical and horizontal steel re bars, filling or partially filling hollow concrete blockwork with more concrete, or by constructing piers that buttress the structure at regular intervals.


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